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About Arizona Unemployment

Arizona Unemployment provides a wide variety of assistance and information about unemployment in Arizona. This includes information about unemployment eligibility standards and requirements in Arizona, a complete and updated list of unemployment offices throughout the state, the amount of unemployment you can expect to receive each month as someone who is unemployed in Arizona, and much more.

Arizona Unemployment goes well beyond this level of assistance and information, however. We understand that those who are unemployed face a wide variety of issues that go beyond merely not having a job. The domino effect of unemployment, particularly in Arizona, makes it difficult to make house payments or rent payments, pay for basic necessities like food and home heating and cooling, keep up a good credit score, and maintain adequate healthcare coverage. To help combat these ancillary issues, Arizona Unemployment also provides information and assistance on a variety of programs to assist those who are unemployed. These include federal and state energy assistance programs (LIHEAP), healthcare assistance such as Arizona Medicaid and reduced fee plans under the Affordable Care Act ("ACA" or "Obamacare"), and credit repair help. The site also provides a variety of assistance options and information related to disability benefits, which are particularly applicable if you have lost your job due to a physical or mental disability.